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  • Alexis A. McCoy Gonzalez

Her Smile

From the moment we first met I knew she was going to be my wife. We met at my cousin Kayla’s game night that she hosted once a month. The invitation normally included the same group of people, but that night Lizanne had attended. My first thought when she walked in the house was “damn she’s beautiful”. Of course, all the other single guys at the party thought the same thing. In true male fashion, they all wanted to shoot their shot. she entertained their attention for a little bit but that was about it. So, we started the game night off with twister. Kayla had separated us into groups of twos, and I was partnered with Lizanne. She turned to me and said, “I’m super competitive so I hope you’re ready to win”. I laughed a little and responded, “I’m ready”. That night we defeated everyone in twister. She was the first woman I had encountered that was as competitive as I was, the only difference was, she was cuter. After our big win she said “David, we make a good team. you’re going to have to be my partner from now on”. I responded, “I think we could make that happen”, as a big smile came across her face, which forced me to smile. She said, “I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?”. I said “yeah, I’ll take one”. She said “OKAY! I’ll be right back”. She walked away to get the drink and I stood there looking for a quiet place for us to sit and have a conversation. I quickly searched the room and found two seats in the corner. I rushed over to claim them because she returned pretty quickly. When she walked over, she said “You didn’t tell me what type of drink you wanted so I just made you what I was drinking”. “that’s cool”, was my response. I took a sip of the drink and almost died. it was pure vodka. Completely taken back, I asked “what did you put in this!?” She laughed and said, “a little ice”. After composing myself, I said “remind me to give you my drink request next time”. She smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would be that bad”. That smile of hers always pulls at my heart strings.

The rest of the night we sat in that corner talking. She was amazing. As we were talking, the only thing I kept thinking was God please don’t let this moment end. At the end of the night as I was walking Lizanne to her car I told her we should hangout again sometime. She said “Okay, give me your phone”. I reached into my pocket and handed her my phone. she added her number to my contacts. I said, “call it to make sure it’s the right number”. She laughed and called her phone. Flashing her beautiful smile, showed me the screen and said, “you are a mess”. When we arrived at her car, I said “Well, I’m glad I was able to escort you to your car safely”. She smiled and softly said “have a nice night David”. I said, “you too Lizanne”. She got into her car and drove away.

From that day on Lizanne and I spoke every day. She was funny, intelligent, and ambitious. everything I was looking for in a woman. Due to our busy schedules, planning our first date seemed almost impossible. At the time, I was working on this big case at my firm, and she was working long hours at the hospital. No matter how many times we tried to get something on schedule, it just never worked out. Then on the Sunday morning of March 23rd, 2014, I was woken up by someone excessively ringing my doorbell. I angrily hopped out the bed rushed toward the door yelling “who is it!? “I quickly opened the ready to tell the person off and it was Lizanne standing there with a huge smile on her face. She sang “Good morning” as she walked into the house. I asked “what are you doing here? I thought you had a shift at the hospital this morning. She said “I’m here to cook us breakfast. I did have shift this morning, but I called in sick”. I said, “aww you called out sick for me?”. She looked at me with a big smile on her face and asked, “where are your skillets located”. I pointed to the cabinets next to stove. She said “thanks” and requested that I get dressed. All she said was “we have a long day ahead of us” and she was right. We didn’t make it back to my house until 11pm that night.

We spent the day doing whatever we wanted to do. That’s what I love about Lizanne, she just took the bull by the horns and started riding. When we arrived back at my house that night, we decided to end our date with a movie. I popped some popcorn, made us a drink and we cuddled up on the couch. I said, “thank you for today, it was one of the best first dates I’ve ever been on”. With a huge smile on her face, she said “I’m glad I set the bar so high”. I smiled and responded, “you definitely did”. She looked at me and said “honestly, I’ve been waiting on this day for months. I looked at her and said, “me too”. Then, out of nowhere, it happened. We kissed! a moment we both had been anticipating. She was a great kisser and had the softest lips. After our date Lizanne and I relationship went into full drive. We went from spending everyday together, to moving in with one another, getting engagement and getting married in a matter of two years. Many thought we were moving too fast, but we didn’t care because we loved one another.

She is my whole world and stand here 25 years later, still honored and thankful to have her as my wife. I look forward to spending another 25 years together with her.

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