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  • Alexis A. McCoy Gonzalez


This is a goodbye letter to my favorite pair of jeans. 5 years ago when we first met I was so amazed at how well you fit my curves. I always dreaded trying on jeans because in the past I had a difficult time finding a pair that would fit me. I tired on eight pairs of jeans in the store before I found you. I almost gave up, but when I slipped you on, you fit perfectly. I didn’t even have to jump to fit into you. Maybe a little but that’s to be expected for a new pair of jeans. It’s like you knew I needed you. You were flexible, not too long, not to short, with a high waist and deep pockets in the right places. I remember standing in the fitting room doing all of my favorite dances to see if you would pass the test and you did. You were the best $60 dollars I have ever spent on an article of clothing in my life. We have experienced so many great adventures together in these 5 years. We have dipped it low together plenty of times. You have consumed my tears through the breakup with my ex and helped me grab the attention of my now husband. Regardless if I was going through PMS or simply gained a little extra weight,you always fit me in any transition my body was going through. I never felt insecure or uncomfortable in my skin when I wore you. Honestly, most of my favorite full body photos have you in them. Unfortunately,it’s for me to let you go. My pregnant belly is more than your flexibility can handle and as mush as I would like to hold on to you for nine months, I don’t want to disappoint myself by thinking I will able to fit into you once the baby is delivered. So I rather part ways now and say goodbye. Thank you for being my loyal friend and helping me snag my man. I hope that you make someone else as happy as you made me. Love your favorite owner

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